Helpful links

The following are some links to other sites you might find useful.  Trilogy Financial Solutions, LLC does not necessarily endorse them, and in no way guarantees the accuracy of any information you might find on any of these sites.  Please let us know if any of these links are broken or no longer active!


Consumer Information provides consumer information on various topics.

Credit Freezes

(You will have to freeze each credit bureau separately.)




Credit Reports gives you one copy of each of your credit bureau reports each year.

Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Identity Theft Affidavit is where you'll want to start if you are a victim of identity theft.   Fill it out, submit it, then print a copy to take to your local law  enforcement agency when you fill the necessary police report.


Oklahoma College Savings Plan (529):  This is administered by TIAA-CREF.


ECI Agency, Inc.  is an independent insurance agency in the Oklahoma City area that  offers all types of insurance.  They have helped many of my clients  lower their insurance costs.  They are Dave Ramsey's Endorsed Local  Provider in the Oklahoma City area for auto and homeowners' insurance.


Pine Grove Software has a free online amortization schedule calculator.


F & F Accounting and Tax Solutions - Bill and Chris Frizzell are experts in tax issues.  From simple tax  preparation to dealing with issues involving unpaid taxes to corporate  tax issues, they can help you.

The IRS Withholding Calculator will help you calculate whether or not you're having the correct amount of federal tax withheld from your paycheck.

Vehicle Information used vehicle pricing.

At Kelly Blue Book you can look up the value of your vehicle.  Look for the private party sale value, not the retail or trade-in value.

Wills and Estate Planning

U.S. Legal Forms is a website on which you can get a state-specific will at a discounted  price, as well as many other legal documents.